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Picture 001.jpg (1837941 bytes)
The Garage before it was pressure washed
Picture 024.jpg (3173545 bytes) Picture 044.jpg (1659853 bytes)
Garage after it was pressure washed
Picture 021.jpg (2097576 bytes) Picture 018.jpg (1162517 bytes)
Window sill at the rear of the garage to be replaced
Picture 007.jpg (3103164 bytes)
Bill Allen recharging the A/C system
Picture 013.jpg (2837201 bytes)
Bill changed the filter too
Picture 012.jpg (2858702 bytes)
Picture 026.jpg (1180390 bytes)
Jake, my grandson painting
Picture 027.jpg (1729199 bytes) Picture 030.jpg (1725951 bytes)
Washing the storm windows
Picture 015.jpg (3952247 bytes)
Yard getting mowed
Picture 055.jpg (1464429 bytes)
Trees getting trimmed
Picture 112.jpg (2584507 bytes)
David DeMoss working on the gutter
Picture 039.jpg (1807047 bytes)
Storm windows out to be washed
Picture 040.jpg (2957875 bytes)
Gutter to be repaired
Picture 051.jpg (1001433 bytes)
The stove before it was cleaned and repaired
Picture 0491.jpg (1089488 bytes)
Oven door broken fixed with scotch tape
Picture 050.jpg (1134111 bytes) Picture 111.jpg (990248 bytes)
Gorilla glue epoxy
Picture 054.jpg (1124367 bytes)
GE Dishwasher
Picture 062.jpg (1252657 bytes)
Baseboards before they were cleaned
Picture 064.jpg (1111388 bytes)
Baseboards after they were all scrubbed
Picture 065.jpg (1118406 bytes)
Dining room light after it was cleaned
Picture 072.jpg (2071253 bytes)
The walls after they were washed 
with Murphy's Oil Soap
Picture 073.jpg (1729375 bytes)
The fireplace and fireplace screen 
after they were cleaned
Picture 075.jpg (1186402 bytes) Picture 083.jpg (1948051 bytes)
Garbage and baby spoons from the
kitchen sink drain
Picture 085.jpg (1547588 bytes)
Damage to master bedroom floor
Picture 078.jpg (1324806 bytes)
Living room done
Picture 079.jpg (1652835 bytes)
Dining room done
Picture 080.jpg (1413122 bytes)
Family room need carpet and sliding glass door
Picture 081.jpg (1589401 bytes)
Kitchen done
Picture 087.jpg (1322496 bytes)
Kitchen trim before it was scrubbed
Picture 092.jpg (1123263 bytes)
After it was scrubbed
Picture 084.jpg (2105183 bytes)
Bedroom floor damage
Picture 086.jpg (1955935 bytes) Picture 088.jpg (1249311 bytes)
Living room high traffic floor wear
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